Friday, May 22, 2009

I dislike Mozilla

    I'd just like to say that Mozilla has terrible documentation/API. They provide basic examples of what you can do with their functions, but whats the point if they don't work correctly? None of the options the Mozilla development site listed for sharing data between windows actually worked, every one I tried gave me some sort of error that wasn't explained anywhere. The mechanic I'm currently using only shares a copy of the objects, so editing them is pointless. Javascript core modules kept giving me "Permission Denied to access Components.utils.import" errors and the only reason I can think of would be because two instances of the javascript are run at the same time attempting to open the same module - but that's the very problem that it says its supposed to solve: "JavaScript code modules New in Firefox 3 is a simple method for creating shared global singleton objects that can be imported into any other JavaScript scope. The importing scope will have access to the objects and data in the code module. Since the code module is cached, all scopes get the same instance of the code module and can share the data in the module." 
    Mozilla has something called an XPCOM Component  which can be defined to contain any information and accessible from anywhere. However, the simplest example, the standard HelloWorld.js, is 106 lines - 106 lines for the simplest example. Learning how to make my own XPCOM components may simply be not worth it; I might as well learn something like sqlite and go the database route, since it could be helpful in future courses I take. 
 Now I'll begin trying to make some sort of a presentation for the beginning of next week.

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