Monday, August 10, 2009

Updated Version and Future Plans

    I'm finally back to work after a weeks vacation, and I've spent the day busily reorganizing/cleaning/documenting my code. I've tried to split the code into more files to make it more comprehendible, along with giving better explanations for each function and pointers to related functions/JavaScript files. Luckily after moving everything around nothing ended up breaking, and it all seems to work exactly as it used to.

    Throughout my vacation I was still working a bit, from home, because there were a few things I wanted to add. First of all, I changed the layout of the buttons on the graph page. It was getting a bit too cluttered for me, so I added tabbed menus - Graph, Filter, and Options. I've moved the Save and Load options into the graph page, instead of being in the context menu of the Idle/Recording button on the browser overlay. I think it looks nicer, functions better, and it wasn't too much of a problem to add, I just found a script for making tabs called JavaScript Tabifier. It has an MIT license and says I can "modify and use in commercial products", so I don't think I'll have any legal problems using it. That's something I have to check out soon though, not specifically for this tabbing script but what kind of licensing information I have to provide with my extension. 

    The last thing I did over my vacation was add another column to the database which stores the coordinates of each node. If you reload the graph for any reason, prior to reloading the database gets updated and saves the coordinates per node. This was a feature that I few people thought would be useful; even I was getting annoyed with losing my bearings, after I move the graph around to exactly how I wanted it. Since I already have this part done I think one of my last features for the summer will be to allow users to label certain areas of the graph. I'm not yet sure how to do this, but now that I have the positions of each node saved it shouldn't be too hard, possibly add another table to the database that stores the labels contents and location then just copy the context into a div tag to attach to the graph. If I can finish this the last thing I'd like to do would be to add a rating feature, has Nelle suggested, to signify the importance of the page. Originally I was going to do it by scaling the size of the corresponding node based on the length of time the page was viewed for, but that’s a very error prone solution. So I'll probably end up adding a 1 to 5 rating for each node for the user to manually enter.

    Finally, the updated version:

    BreadCrumbs v1.5

    Note: The database table has been changed, so if you have an older version you have to navigate to your Firefox profile directory and delete breadCrumbs.sqlite prior to installing this updated version. This website should tell you how to find your profile directory.

    There are also two buttons to add, the View Graph button and Quick Title Edit button. The View Graph button opens the graph page, efficiently the same as right clicking the Idle/Record button and selecting View Graph. It's hotkey is alt+g. The Quick Title Edit button can only be clicked if BreadCrumbs is Recording. It opens the menu to annotate the title of the current website, and it's hotkey is alt+q. To add these buttons to your toolbar select View -> Toolbar -> Customize, then drag and drop the buttons.

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  1. Cool. Did you managed to chat to Ainsley about her experiences with Flare? I'm curious to know how much work it would be to switch Breadcrumbs over.